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Safety and Quality Management :- We offer, but to limited to, the services of this department for all vessel owners, who entrust us with either technical management, crewing management or both. We can and do help other Companies, where our internal resources permit, give specific help in piece meal basis. We elaborate on this issue perhaps, as you all know we are equipped with a functional Document of Compliance issued and maintained by a competent authority, as well as maintaining the ISM system onboard. Thereby we are able to operate as a third party Technical Manager. We are duly certified by LR, RINA, and HKQA in this regard.

We are deep in to implementation of the TMSA, shell vetting and monitoring of the KPIs (key performance monitoring indices), helping the vessels to pass oil major/Bright Ship vettings (for dry cargo vessels), and administering of a schedule of audits (both internal and external) for the vessels, are some of the major activities of the Safety and Quality Management System.

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