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Technical Management :- We mention especially here with our functional specialties and expertise which can be identified as product lines of services but not limited to only as stated as we work on very wide scale on shipping related projects. This enables us to provide full flexibility to select any type of services or a package of services to fulfill their needs.

Our main expertise handling is complete project of ship management. Here, under a comprehensive management agreement we undertake technical responsibility in all respects. This includes, Technical Management - the duties delivered in this line are controlled by Technical Superintendents. Our team of highly experienced professionals (technical + purchase + crewing + accounts) have the capacity to operate all types of commercial cargo vessels, such as general cargo carrier, multipurpose vessels, container vessels, gas carriers, tugs, bunker barge and tanker vessels including gas, chemical, clean petroleum products and crude carriers. If you have any special vessels other than these as this list, we can reorganize quickly to give you the necessary service(s).

Performance monitoring and keeping a close tab on vessel's performance is a key issue. This is done both parametrically, by emails and periodic predetermined reporting forms and as well as by regular visits (at least 3 visits per year) by the technical superintendent, and safety and quality internal audits.

Cost control, although this is not a technical activity, but the very nature of ship management arose from the need from our clients to control the operational cost of the vessels, while we are able to make budgets for all foreseeable normal operating costs where we satisfy all required operating standards. Since the technical activities are the source of the primary costs, our technical superintendents keep close eyes on the various expenditures, and when abnormal expenses are incurred or it is imminent, then the vessel owners are closely consulted on the desirability and advise our technical expertise on pros and cons of such expenses. At the same time high standards and overall performance is maintained. Budgets and variance reports can be monitored by owners via client log in.

We are proud to say, we are a team of professionals with technical trainings, with hands on experiences in our respective specialty area, with a commercial sense in mind, to give you the benefit of high quality ship management on a year on year basis, at the least possible cost without compromising any quality targets of our company.

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