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Fareast Ship management Hong Kong Ltd, Hong Kong, from here on referred to as FSMHK was established (in 2012) by young well experienced professionals in Hong Kong, one of the biggest hub for shipping operations to offer high quality and personalized services in Ship management operations to various ship owners for complete management of their sailing assets operating worldwide. We have specialized expertise in ship management operations worldwide with our offices and associated offices spread over Asia, Europe and the Middle East..

Our organization evolved under our combined synergy concept from well trained, and matured likeminded ship management professionals who honed their abilities working with very well reputed Oil majors, Ownership and also ship management companies, combining the experience and expertise to offer tailor made ship management planning in terms of technical, engineering, commercial, legal and insurance, ship purchase and takeover planning, dry docking/repairs and conversion management, new building supervision, independent surveys, audits, crew training and management, certifications and day to day operational problems solving, where the ship owner can concentrate on cargo fixture, freight collection etc.

We give top priority in maintaining top level safety and quality management systems. With a strong compliance team internationally, we observe the industry’s highest standards for classification, flag state, and local environmental regulation. For Safety and Quality Management we are aligned with reputed Class societies such as Class LR (Lloyds Register of Shipping). As a result of this, we have one of the best safety records in the industry.

Being in Hong Kong offers us the advantages of being in one of the most developed shipping industry centers, enhancing stronger and closer liaison with the Classification Societies, Flag Administrations where Hong Kong flag is well reputed one, financial institutions, maritime legalizations, shipping organizations and ship owners.

Apart from ship management services, FSMHK also maintains close relations with various chartering and brokering houses for assisting ship owners for vessels commercial fixtures in assisting in pre-fixture and post fixtures as added quality services to our clients.

Technical Management: We mention especially here with our functional specialties and expertise which can be identified as product lines of services but not limited to only as stated as we work on very wide scale on shipping related projects. This enables us to provide full flexibility to select any type of services or a package of services to fulfill their needs.

Our main expertise handling is complete project of ship management. Here, under a comprehensive management agreement we undertake technical responsibility in all respects. This includes, Technical Management - the duties delivered in this line are controlled by Technical Superintendents. Our team of highly experienced professionals have the capacity to operate all types of commercial cargo vessels, such as General cargo carrier, Multipurpose vessels, Container vessels, Gas carriers, Tugs, Bunker barge and Tanker vessels including Gas, Chemical, Clean Petroleum Products and Crude carriers. If you have any special vessels other than these, we can reorganize quickly to give you the necessary service(s).

Performance monitoring and keeping a close tab on vessel's performance is a key issue. This is done both parametrically, by emails and periodic predetermined reporting forms and as well as by regular visits (at least 3 visits per year) by the technical superintendent, and safety and quality internal audits.

Cost control, although this is not a technical activity, but the very nature of ship management arose from the need from our clients to control the operational cost of the vessels, while we are able to make budgets for all foreseeable normal operating costs where we satisfy all required operating standards. Since the technical activities are the source of the primary costs, our technical superintendents keep close eyes on the various expenditures, and when abnormal expenses are incurred or it is imminent, then the vessel owners are closely consulted on the desirability and advise our technical expertise on pros and cons of such expenses. At the same time high standards and overall performance is maintained. Budgets and variance reports can be monitored by owners via client log in.

The global economic landscape impacted by geo-political events affects trade and the shipping industry. As governments and business leaders seek to reduce costs and balance the books, only the most efficient organizations will be able to maintain the highest standards and flourish. Our experience, agility, and understanding of the fundamentals behind the industry enable us to weather and navigate any situation efficiently.

We are proud to say, we are a team of professionals with technical trainings, with hands on experiences in our respective specialty area, with a commercial sense in mind, to give you the benefit of high quality ship management on a year on year basis, at the least possible cost without compromising any quality targets of our company.

Currently we are managing Oil tanker and LPG vessel VLGC with 10 Oil tankers (Aframax, MR and two VLGC). Historically we have handled another 30 Oil Tankers which have been managed under our esteemed management and successfully scraped or sold to new owners on behalf of our principals.


Our Focus rolled with a wealth of experience

FSMHK is a young, dynamic, energetic company – yet one with a wealth of combined knowledge and experience.

Our Integrity and transparency in work culture

We are fully committed and dedicated to giving our clients world-class service. We are distinct in our ability to build and maintain enduring partnerships with our clients and placing our long-term relationships instead of myopic advantage.We strive to give every party assured performance in terms of reliability, trust, efficiency and quality without compromising on our business ethics.

Our agility, pioneering spirit and response time

We have the flexibility to adapt and respond quickly to dynamic market changes. We believe that agility is a key principle underlying every activity. Our team minimizes complexity, and we seek innovative ways to deliver streamlined services with speed and efficiency – challenging the accepted wisdom and constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Our global scale with an Asian focus

With a global presence in our representation, we are ready to serve clients on any scale, wherever they are located. Our Hong Kong base and our presence in strategic locations give us a focus and insight into the world’s fastest-growing economies.

Our employees – Our driving force

FSMHK workforce is an integrated team of professionals – united by a shared commitment to our values of integrity, excellence and client focus. Together, they pursue FSMHK vision of creating sustainable value for all through a firm dedication to serving the needs of parties effectively.

We believe that our people are our biggest asset and therefore we implement best practices in recruitment, training, development and employee retention.


Our mission is to establish ourselves as world class ship managers. We continuously upgrade ourselves analyzing the needs of ship owners with changing trends in the shipping industry in terms of business operations, new regulations and requirements. We maintain our business relationships and activities in a very much socially responsible manner best suited to the industry participating in beneficiary events. Our agenda always includes providing maximum assistance and alternates to help and guide our clients for maximizing returns according to their own felt needs. We undertake our business activities with much pride to achieve best returns for our clients whom we consider ourselves as equal partners in the whole project as our own. We work around the clock ensuring availability and presence at all times as part of our policy to provide prompt and fully satisfied services at all times. Our vision is to build a good will and name, worldwide, as a ship management organization where the ship owning community would entrust us with full management requirements of good assets sailing worldwide.


Our Company has a very well developed attitude for Safety and Quality Management. This we believe is a major supporting pillar to building up the ship management success we wish to achieve. Our main quality statement is as follows; "The main objective is to ensure Safety at sea, Prevention of human injury & loss of life, and avoidance of damage to the environment, in particular to the marine environment and to property". We maintain this commitment through increase of awareness, and then through successful internal audits and external audits. Much in brief, we wish to state therefore, we have
  1. A clearly stated and followed Safety and Environment Policy.
  2. A policy to adhere to and follow all mandatory regulations and laws that are enforced by IMO, and flag states.
  3. Security policy - to ensure security of human life and our assets including that of cargo, we strictly abide by the requirements of ISPS code by IMO and as ratified by various member flag state countries.
  4. Drug and Alcohol policy - we are in full compliance with US coast guard and IMO requirements related to consumptions of alcohol on board; We have zero tolerance for alcohol abuse or drug abuse on board, and our sea staff is liable to be summarily removed from their duties if found or reported.
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