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We mention especially here with our functional specialties and expertise which can be identified as product lines of services but not limited to only as stated as we work on very wide scale on shipping related projects. This enables us to provide full flexibility to select any type of services or a package of services to fulfill their needs.

Our main expertise handling is complete project of ship management. Here, under a comprehensive management agreement we undertake technical responsibility in all respects. This includes, Technical Management - the duties delivered in this line are controlled by Technical Superintendents. Our team of highly experienced professionals (technical + purchase + crewing + accounts) have the capacity to operate all types of commercial cargo vessels, such as general cargo carrier, multipurpose vessels, container vessels, gas carriers, tugs, bunker barge and tanker vessels including gas, chemical, clean petroleum products and crude carriers. If you have any special vessels other than these as this list, we can reorganize quickly to give you the necessary service(s).

Performance monitoring and keeping a close tab on vessel's performance is a key issue. This is done both parametrically, by emails and periodic predetermined reporting forms and as well as by regular visits (at least 3 visits per year) by the technical superintendent, and safety and quality internal audits.

Cost control, although this is not a technical activity, but the very nature of ship management arose from the need from our clients to control the operational cost of the vessels, while we are able to make budgets for all foreseeable normal operating costs where we satisfy all required operating standards. Since the technical activities are the source of the primary costs, our technical superintendents keep close eyes on the various expenditures, and when abnormal expenses are incurred or it is imminent, then the vessel owners are closely consulted on the desirability and advise our technical expertise on pros and cons of such expenses. At the same time high standards and overall performance is maintained. Budgets and variance reports can be monitored by owners via client log in.

We are proud to say, we are a team of professionals with technical trainings, with hands on experiences in our respective specialty area, with a commercial sense in mind, to give you the benefit of high quality ship management on a year on year basis, at the least possible cost without compromising any quality targets of our company.

Crewing Management - Our Company firmly believes, for a service company such as ours, identification and retention of sea going personnel (both officers and crew), of right training, certification and motivation is of key importance in achieving good quality work onboard on a day to day basis. We believe in a top down approach and we have an established Human Resources Management division distributed over our three offices, with the head being together with us, to control the gamut of activities in crewing management. Crewing is controlled at every stage according to our company philosophy and management, at the input stage, first time when he is inducted in to the company, during the service in compliance with STCW requirements, and in the matter of retention, till the time he is medically fit to be able to deliver duties. We retain the employed crew as long as we can, and it is common to find sea-men having put in many years in our fleet, working with us till their old age. Their work results are continuously monitored and steps are taken to improve, where necessary. Our crewing management is supported by our field offices in India and Indian subcontinent, Myanmar, Philippines and Ukraine. We are always looking for a multicultural and multinational development of sea going personnel - for newer possibilities for cost effective crew management solutions at all times.

Safety and Quality Management - We offer, but to limited to, the services of this department for all vessel owners, who entrust us with either technical management, crewing management or both. We can and do help other Companies, where our internal resources permit, give specific help in piece meal basis. We elaborate on this issue perhaps, as you all know we are equipped with a functional Document of Compliance issued and maintained by a competent authority, as well as maintaining the ISM system onboard. Thereby we are able to operate as a third party Technical Manager. We are duly certified by LR, RINA, and HKQA in this regard.

We are deep in to implementation of the TMSA, shell vetting and monitoring of the KPIs (key performance monitoring indices), helping the vessels to pass oil major/Bright Ship vettings (for dry cargo vessels), and administering of a schedule of audits (both internal and external) for the vessels, are some of the major activities of the Safety and Quality Management System.

Purchasing Management - Ship Management is all about cost control while enjoying the least cost operation by the ship owners benefiting from our collective ship operation experiences where purchasing in various parts of the world is done - in an informed way from our collective country experiences. Our motto is to minimize down time by stock out while purchasing the goods and services at the most competitive prices. Our procurement system or purchasing system is based on Ship Serve purchasing support software system. We are able to give real time open access to our Ship serve purchase support data-base (and therefore the purchasing activities) to our Principals.

Other Technical Services: We also help our clients for technical condition inspection related to ship sale and purchase as assets. We also are able to help in guiding the prospective or new shipowners through the formalities of procurement of purchase of ships. On the other end, while in between we can manage the running operations of the assets, we can also help you in resale or a selling for final liquidation. Thus we truly offer, or able to offer Technical Management of ships from Cradle to the Grave approach. We have not spoken much earlier on about the cradle part. But we have senior surveyors and new construction superintendents also to lead you through any new construction project management if you may require of us.

Other than the above, we are also able to offer one off assistance to ship owners for:

  • Dry-docking of vessels including large tanker vessel such as VLCCs orVLOCs.
  • Conversation of vessels such as car carriers, tankers, gas tankers etc.
  • New building, and very large and long repair projects.
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